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Won Ton Soup is a great degree loved dish all over the world mostly boiled and served in soup and deep fried style.

The premier ingredients of Won Ton Soup are pork, vegetables, shrimp and green onions; be that as it may, the readiness of dish has a few varieties in various locales of UK.

Most flexible shape of dish is a basic triangle like an Italian tortellini which flat profile permits it to be fried like pot sticker while individuals for the most part merge won tons and dumplings in spite of some cooking contrasts.

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Stan's Place Restaurant

When one of Marylebone's best-kept secretes, Stan's Place Restaurant now has a notoriety bigger than its compact, changed over townhouse setting. Getting a table in the basement is far-fetched without a booking, however in the event that you're fortunate there might be an extra stool at the street level chow mein counter. In case you're not enthused about little spaces, then you might simply like the ground floor better – it's brighter with more windows. Whatever your contemplation on the venue itself, the dishes are unquestionably phenomenal (ensure you're packing plastic, as expenses do mount up).

Brought about by No-bu graduated class Masaki Sugisaki and Keiji Fuku, it shows a lot of Latin sparkle alongside other imaginative flourishes. Nobu-esque blended potato 'tar-tar' chips mixed with minced greasy tuna fish, avocado and wasabi/jalapeño sauce offered an intriguing taste of the style. The quite praised singed wagyu meat nigiri decorated with cubes of ponzu jam and minced truffle was likewise a triumph. Introduced on a long platter, a lunchtime chow mein (great worth at £5.99) tastes just as great as it looks.

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